Nasopharyngeal teratoma causing airway obstruction in the neonate

ALTUNTAŞ E. E., Bebek A. I., Atalar M., Büyükkayhan D., Yaşar M., Elagöz Ş.

BMJ Case Reports, 2009 (Scopus) identifier


Teratomas are the most common congenital tumours, but teratomas of the nasopharynx are rare in neonates. The present report concerns a premature 30-week-old infant girl with an extensive nasopharyngeal teratoma protruding from the oral cavity. The tumour completely obstructed the airway and necessitated immediate intubation. The tumour was successfully resected directly via the transoral route without needing external incisions. Histological examination of the specimen revealed it to be a mature teratoma. The management and differential diagnosis is discussed, accompanied by a review of the literature.